Date Conservatively With Republican Singles!
Date Conservatively With Republican Singles!
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I’m a single mom to an 11year old.

Године 31 из Richboro, Pennsylvania На мрежи - пре недељу дана
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 155 миља)

I am a strong willed, libertarian. I can take care of myself and my family, I just want to have someone to experience life with.

It’s the final countdown & I’m nervous!

Године 40 из Youngstown, Ohio На мрежи - Данас
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 217 миља)

I’m single, never married, don’t think kids are in my future. I like target shooting, binge-watching awful TV, reading, attending & listening to lectures, cooking, all that good stuff. Must enjoy watching The Five & yelling angrily @ Pelosi.

A conservative in a liberal city!

Године 40 из Washington, District of Columbia На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 25 миља)

Single professional, no kids, never been married. Seeking a mature professional who shares the same family values, hobbies and political views.

Looking for the Jim to my Pam

Године 42 из Dartmouth, Massachusetts На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 383 миља)

Hello, I am mom of teenagers and a teacher of middle school, so not much scares me or surprises me! I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests and views to enjoy spending time with. Ultimate goal would be a long term relationship. I love...

What day is it?

Године 55 из New York, New York На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 221 миља)

I’m a bit of a renaissance gal...old fashioned word but if it still means someone who loves the best things in life (Friendship, Community, Cooking, Traveling and Fine Wine) that’s me.

Looking for genuine, real and honest.

Године 50 из Morgantown, West Virginia На мрежи - пре 5 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 134 миља)

I am a full of faith and spunk. I am honest and a woman of faith and integrity. I love excitement and adventure. Looking for real connection and a partner in everything. I am a romantic at heart.

Just Me

Године 49 из Brooklyn, New York На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 214 миља)

Ok, guys, I’m disabled, Cerebral Palsy. I know that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by God! If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten past the first sentence. Phew! I’m a crazy plant lady who enjoys people, food and drinks. I love anything that...

Howdy fellow REDS!

Године 55 из Covington, Kentucky На мрежи - пре 3 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 378 миља)

I'm thrilled to find this site... finding fellow Truthers!! Its exciting times we are living and I look forward to sharing these times with a fellow conservative 😀

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